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Let’s be honest: how much time do we spend “wasting time” on Facebook?

On average each user connects approximately 14 times a day and spends more than 2 hours on Facebook.

Many companies do not know the potential of the most famous and used social network on the planet and think it is just a “waste of time”.

In reality, Facebook is a bit like the TV of the ’80s: everyone looked at it and thought it was a waste of time. But if this can be true from a user’s point of view, for a company it totally changes the way of doing marketing, getting noticed and selling!

Facebook is a great showcase and the advantage is that it is not only locally, as happens with television, but worldwide! Potentially any user anywhere in the world can see your ads and get to your products!

So: why a business, big or small, that should be on Facebook?

let’s see 7 interesting points together:

  1. Online reputation

Consumers today before buying a product seek the “recommendation”. Whether it is from a friend, an acquaintance or a stranger who comments online, there is nothing more powerful than word of mouth, whether for good or ill.

Thanks to Facebook and the tools dedicated to businesses, you can gather the opinions (I hope positive!) Of your customers so that other customers feel reassured and encouraged to buy your product, whatever it is!


2. Access to new markets

350 million users “live” on Facebook. Potentially a photo you publish can reach all these people. Markets that were previously inaccessible see the doors open thanks to Facebook. Have you ever thought about selling your products internationally? If before arriving to foreign customers it was a difficult undertaking, today thanks to Facebook, it becomes an operation that is easily accesible! And this is just a small example of a new market that can be accessed thanks to the power of this social network.


3. Microsegmented advertising.

The features of Facebook allow you to customize the audience to which your messages will arrive with great precision. For example, if you sell children’s toys, you can have an advertisement of your product display only parents with interests in toys.

With traditional advertising this is not possible. Think of an advertisement on the street: yes, many people will see it, but how many of these will “watch” it? And how many of these would be your potential customers?


4. Dialogue with your customers.

On Facebook you have the opportunity to interact directly with your customers, who are potential or already buying, feel their opinions, their needs and what they expect from you. What other tool gives you this chance?


5. Economic instrument.

Let’s be clear: advertising is a necessary inversion for any company that wants to succeed! There are different forms of advertising and certainly Facebook is one of the most economical form of advertising. The good news is that you can manage the budget yourself and get good results even with a small investment. It is in fact possible to advertise starting from € 1 a day, everything depends on your goals and your ambitions!


6. Virality

As I said, one of your publications can reach even millions of people and only social networks allow you such visibility! You will never reach the same potential numbers with traditional advertising methods such as commercials, billboards or flyers!


7. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a fundamental part of a digital marketing strategy because it allows you to have visibility on Google. Thanks to the high indexability of Facebook, your company will be more visible to the digital world.


You see, being on Facebook is fundamental to your business, big or small. It is however important to structure well a good and effective strategy and to know the techniques to make the most of this important social network.

You can decide to give this task to a professional who will help you, or you can invest in yourself to learn the right techniques and strategies.

Whatever your decision, you can rely on my professionalism as a digital marketing consultant and as a professional trainer.

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