About me

My name is Roberta, I'm Italian and I have three big passions:

Travel, marketing and meditation

Since when I was young I have always been rebel and stubborn.

When I was 19 I left Cagliari, my home town in the island Sardinia, to go to live to Rome, where I studied and worked. After the graduation, a master’s degree and some work experience, I decided to go to London to take a 3 month English course. These months have quickly become 7 years, in which I have done many jobs in the field of fashion and hospitality, covering different positions, from the base up to the top management.

In 2016 I sold everything, left my job and my stable life in London, in the name of a solo trip to South America, which lasted 1 year.

The following year I decided to stop and live in Colombia, where I had several work experiences, with private companies and as a freelance, until I founded my own tourism company.

My professional career

At the age of 19, after finishing school, I move to Rome, where I study Communication and Marketing at La Sapienza University.

In these years, a part from study, I do various jobs to support myself, such as: holiday entertainer, customer support in call centers and commercial  promoter.

After graduating, in January 2007, I immediately enroll in a Masters in Marketing and Management of Tourism Companies.

Thanks to these studies I start working for a tour operator, the CTS Viaggi, organizing trips for foreign groups in Italy.

Having the big limitation of not speaking English well, I decide, at the end of my work contract, to go to London to take an English course, with the idea of staying three months and then return to Italy.

These three months quickly turn into seven years! During this time I study English at Metropolitan University and marketing at London City University, as well as working for several large multinational company in the fashion and hospitality sector, such as Primark, H&M and McDonald’s. I begun serving burgers on the tills and slowly I grew up to become department manager.

For many years I had a good time in London and was happy with my job, then one day I felt that I was missing something, both personally and professionally.

During a vacation from work, I made a three-weeks trip to Colombia, on the return of which I decided to open my blog Incolombia.it with the aim of changing the image of the country and inviting Italians to travel here without fears. The blog has been, and still is, a great way to learn digital marketing skills.

In 2016 I decided to invest in myself: I left my stable job and I left London, to make one of my big dreams come true: travel alone to South America. I spent few months in Colombia, where I studied Spanish in a private school and travelled in different countries of the continent up to the Tierra del Fuego, in Ushuaia.

At the end of the trip I decide to return to Colombia, where I start to deal with the digital marketing strategy of a Spanish school for foreigners and, at the same time, I do an online master’s degree with the Universidad Complutense of Madrid.

After my work visa in Colombia ends, I still don’t feel ready to return to Europe. So, I decide to invest in my blog and start organizing tours in Bogota and Villavicencio and to design trips for those who want to visit the country.

At the same time I start to follow the communication and digital marketing strategies of different customers, divided between South America and Europe.

Today my main job is divided between the world of travel, (organizing trips and tours, mainly in Colombia, as well as managing tourism promotion through my two blogs Incolombia.it and ComeUnLocal.com) and the world of communication (dealing with digital marketing and communication strategies for various customers, entrepreneurs and small businesses).

Some of the companies I worked with

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