Experience & Training

My professional experience in the travel sector began in 2007 when, after graduation, I attended a post-graduate master’s degree in Marketing and Management of tourism businesses, at the CTS Business School in Rome.

Following the master I did an internship at the incoming department of the CTS Viaggi tour operator headquarters, where I was then hired, taking care of the travel arrangements for groups of foreigners in Italy. I was responsible for all the administrative, bureaucratic, organizational and operational process of travel and work organization.

My professional experience in the tourism field was then set aside for a few years, in which I acquired professional experience in the field of sales, customer support and marketing in other sectors.


In 2015 I started working again in the travel sector, opening a blog about Colombia. is an entrepreneurial idea created and managed entirely by me. Born after a trip to Colombia, with the aim of changing the image of the country among the Italian public, informing and encouraging readers to travel to Colombia without fear.

Through the collaboration with accommodation facilities, tour operators, travel agencies, tourist guides and other professionals in the tourism sector in Colombia, I take care of promoting the country. Since 2017, I organize individual tours, mainly in Bogotà and Villavicencio, aimed at putting travelers in touch with local culture, helping the community to support itself with the economic inputs that come from tourism. I also support small tour operators and local agencies with the sales of their tours. Starting from the same year, I also begun working as a Travel Designer: I design customized itineraries for clients interested in traveling in Colombia. Among the various activities that I carry on with the blog, I also organize events, mainly in Italy and online to put Italians and Colombians in contact with their respective cultures.

Since 2020 I have opened another travel blog, Come un local, a new tourism promotion project, with a focus on Sardinia but dedicated to a sustainable way of traveling that tends to put travelers in touch with the local culture of the country they visit .

In addition to working on my travel blogging projects, in recent years I have followed the communication campaigns of various tourism companies and projects related to the world of travel.

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