"People don't buy products and services, but relationships, stories and magic "

(Seth Godin)

Advertising is one of the most important marketing tools to attract the attention of customers, without which the company would not be able to survive and the product to exist. Once, advertising was done only on television, in newspapers, in posters and in flyers that arrived at home. Today all this is not enough!

If you are not online, you don't exist!

With my online communication and marketing work I will be able to target your company and your products to the hearts of your customers.

Here is what I can do for you:

By defining goals and tactics in a detailed way, a digital marketing strategy will allow you to speed up the results, having a clear understanding of where you want to go and what you want to achieve. Nothing is left to chance.

I will help you define the best digital advertising strategy for your company and your products, the profile of the target customer as well as the budget that you will have to invest to achieve real results will be very clear.

SEO (Search engine Optimization) is that set of digital marketing techniques that are essential for making a web page one of the first on Google researches as well as other search engines.

Knowing these techniques and having direct experience of optimization, I will help you so that your web page can be recognized by the main search engines and appear in the main researches. However, remember: neither the best and most experienced marketing consultant, nor the major investment in advertising can give you the certainty that this will happen, since only Google knows how Google works 😉

Having a website today is essential. Whatever your business, product or profession is. Having a showcase on the web, means having job opportunities, getting yourself known and being recognized for what you do or sell.

I will develop for you the best website that meets the digital marketing needs of the network, in tune with your needs and your business, so that it can have the best showcase on the web.

Having professionally written texts, in a language suitable for the web, is a today must.

I will help you by writing persuasive texts that will touch readers’ feelings so that they will be purchase oriented. I will analyze the target audience, I will apply the essential SEO techniques to write on the web, with a clear and effective call to action.

Social networks represent, for an entrepreneur as well as for a professional, an indispensable and essential communication channel if you want to generate an effective sales strategy. For this reason it is essential to rely on a professional and acquire the most important knowledge for the best management of your key social networks.

I will help you by identifying the best communication strategy through the most important social networks for your product and your business, designing the most effective content and ideal communication, continuously monitoring the results.

The use of videos is a main form of communication that will characterize marketing in today’s market.

I can help you in all stages of the video, depending on your needs: from the set up of the production to the editing and creation of a creative video that suits your communication needs.

If the available budget does not allow you to hire a professional, and you are particularly interested and inclined to digital communication, let yourself be trained by a professional with five years of experience and several successful campaigns behind myself, including successful digital business projects.

I can share with you my knowledge and techniques, to help you manage your digital marketing strategy successfully.