The tourism sector is a world in constant evolution.

There are two basic words to remember for those working in this sector: training and specialization. And the keyword in today’s tourism scenario is: creativity, as a work philosophy as well as in the training path.

If you are looking for a travel professional, I can help you with:

Since 2015 I have been dealing with travel blogging with my blogs and as well as various collaborations as content editor for other blogs.

I can help you with: travel related content, sponsored posts, review of products, experiences and accessories for travel and travelers, blog tours and tourism promotion, educational and press travel, promotion of tourist destinations and activities, writing, photography and videos.

The travel designer is a traveler, who offers advice, setting up  tailor-made itineraries according to the customer’s specific needs.

As a travel designer I can collaborate both with direct clients and with agencies, tour operators and companies that are looking for a travel professional.

I can help you with: detailed design of a travel itinerary, advice on booking services, knowledge of Latin American countries and Europe.

The figure of the social media and Community manager is of fundamental importance for those involved in travel and tourism, for his capability of creating content and engagement with an audience as well as influencing the choices of a traveler. For this reason you should invest in a professional who takes care of your social channels, collecting suggestions, monitoring comments and complaints, creating a community.

I can help you with: creating a social media marketing strategy, managing social media channels and online advertising; influencer marketing; content creation.

For those looking for a direct relationship with the country’s cultural and social life, the experiential guide is the one who creates contact with local life through unique and unforgettable itineraries and experiences.

As an experiential guide I can offer: ad hoc itineraries according to customer needs, tour guiding, tourist promotion. I specialize in experiences in Colombia and Sardinia but I have knowledge and contacts with guides in most of Latin America and European countries.