Digital marketing

If you are not on Internet, you don’t exist! I can help you to find a good strategy to promote your company and improve your sales, thanks to the world wide web.


Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques and activities to help your web to be visible in a search engine  such as Google. I know those methodologies and I also teach them, so I can help you!


Do you need contents for your blog or web site? I have the right creativity and passion to write your story, you just have to share your story with me and I can help you share them with the world through creative writing.


Have you always dreamt of opening a blog but you don’t know where to start? I have a successful blog about Colombia, the most clicked in Italy! I can help you from the strategy to the realization of your blog. You just have to ask me!

Web design

I learnt how to create a web site with my personal blog, from that day I develop many web sites for small business’s with a big success. Just tell me what your business is about and I will help you to design it on the web!

Social Media Management

I create, manage and optimize the social accounts of your company, helping you to create and strengthen your on-line reputation.  Remember: if you are not on social media, today you don’t exist!

Editing video

Do you have an amateur video and you don’t know how to edit it? Call me, I can do it for you!


If you want to learn how to do blogging, you want to understand more about SEO and you don’t know where to start with WordPress,  I am the right person for you! Every day I help people to understand how the internet world works with one to one and skype lessons. I promise you will not fall asleep in front of your keyboard!

Travel planning

I traveled for 1 year in South America and for the last three years I have managed a travel blog about Colombia, helping independent travelers with their itineraries. Moreover I manage and lead guided tours in Colombia. For any travel info or promotion, you are talking with the right person

Roberta Padroni blogger digital marketing

Roberta Padroni blogger digital marketing